Registration form

Registration for the whole Symposium, including the workshops, will be processed through this same form. You may register for the Symposium either individually or as a group.

Symposium participation fees (incl. VAT 24%):

Members of the Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters (SKTL) 20€

Non-members 50€

PhD students 20€

Undergraduate and postgraduate students 0€

The registration is open until 7th May 2021.

The presentations held at the Symposium will not be recorded for future use.

Payment methods:

Symposium registrants will be sent an invoice for the participation fee. When completing the registration form, you may request an invoice in either PDF format, as an email attachment, or an electronic bill. Please note that if you register as a group then you will also be issued one joint group invoice!

Those participants requesting an e-bill should kindly note: You must indicate on the registration form the e-billing address to which SKTL should send the Symposium invoice. In order to facilitate registration, participants requesting e-bills should make certain to have the following additional information ready when registering:  Broker ID; EDI (electronic data interchange) ID; business identity code of the billing entity; full address details. Please note that e-billing is an option available only to those participants from Finnish organisations.

If requested, SKTL may also issue a paper invoice, however, please note that this will also incur an additional billing fee of €20 (VAT 0%). If participants register as a group through one central form, then only one additional billing fee for the paper invoice will be incurred.

For questions related to billing issues, please contact SKTL via email at the following address: laskutus(at) For all other matters related to registration, please contact Aino Suoranta, Conference Secretary, via email at:  katu2021(at)